About Us


Who We Are

Founded in 2008 by Dawit Hailu and his family, Wudassie Diagnostic Center (WDC) is one of the first diagnostic centers with digital x-ray in the country. WDC’s passion for quality, cost-effectiveness and exceptional patient care were contagious and continue to be our core principles today.

WDC is dedicated to providing the community of Addis Ababa with the finest in imaging services, provided by a local team of specialized physicians and associates. This ensures that our patients receive care from a team who works closely with the local healthcare community, including the doctor who referred you to us.

At the same time, this team is connected with other physicians and staff across the country via WDC’s sophisticated network, giving us the ability to share best practices and consult with other experts on special cases. Being a national provider that’s locally focused helps WDC provide each patient with the best of both worlds: individual care and national resources.

WDC’s mission is to improve the lives of those we serve through the highest quality care and diagnostic imaging services.


Our Team

The very essence of WDC is its employees. Our diverse cultures and ethnicities, richly varied educational backgrounds, along with professional and technical skills, combine to create a unique synergy of creativity. A dedication to excellence is the driving force that energizes us all at WDC. For us, providing a diagnostic service is not just a job, it is a life style.

Our knowledge and experience is unmatched.

All WDC employees are certified from local universities and in addition took intensive training both by local and international professionals.

Here’s what you can expect from our employees:

  • High quality service 24 hours / 7 days a week.

  • Multi-cultural consciousness and employees who can converse with patients in seven different local languages.

  • Professionalism at all levels to do the job right all the time!



Our Customers and Partners


WDC’s main base of customers include end-users, referring physicians, international and local organizations based in Ethiopia, and Government and private hospitals located all over the country.

Our ethical standards have helped develop strong mutual trust relationship with our customers. WDC is 100% confident that the quality of our services will leave a long lasting positive impression on all referring physicians!

To better understand our company culture and customers, be sure to visit our photo gallery.Gallery